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Wellness Retreats

Dr. Lambert has lead several retreats with students of all ages. We will design and lead a retreat specifically tailored to meet your organizations needs. Stress can result in burnout which can negatively impact work performance and satisfaction. Corporations and organizations can benefit from wellness retreats that include educational lectures alongside the practice of meditation and healing exercises. Retreats can be held at your facility or at Wisdom Spring Wellness Services. Retreats can range from half day, full day to overnight retreats. We can create a wellness retreat at your facility or at Wisdom Spring Wellness Services. At Wisdom Spring Wellness Services we can accommodate half and full day retreats for groups up to 75 people. For overnight retreats we have partnered with a Zen Monastery in the catskill mountains with over 150 acres. Please call to discuss the details and make arrangements. 

Retreats are a great way to build camaraderie, leadership and develop research based stress management skills for your staff. Furthermore, it is an essential time for applying skills learned in workshops and lectures. The techniques that are taught teach professionals to alleviate burnout and learn to combat stress (e.g.teachers, clinicians, firemen, police, business executives). A happy employee makes happy customers. Let us teach your staff how to exhale stress and inhale tranquility and peace into their daily work life. Please see a sample schedule below:

6:00am breakfast

6:30am Sitting Zen Meditation

7:00am Walking Meditation

7:30am Tong Gong Healing Exercices

8:15am Tea Ceremony

8:30am  Tea time

9:00am Sitting Zen Meditation

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